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The Dental Associates of New England are beautiful, LEED certified building that celebrates the beauty and unique talent in Boston. Our full-spectrum office has restorative, family, and cosmetic dentists who work together in a unique collaboration to give patients ultimate care. Our state-of-the-art technology and spa-like atmosphere create a comfortable, safe environment for our treasured patients.

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Dr. John Meola: Hello, I'm Dr. John D. Meola Jr, Director of Dental Associates of New England. I'd like to welcome you for a tour of our office. This is our office sign, which was designed by our office architects, which has LED lighting which represents what we did with our office being a LEED certified office, leadership in engineering and environmental design. I'll take you to our reception area, where you see some of the athletes that we treat, and some of their sports paraphernalia, which our patients love. This is our reception area here. You'll see some of our Miss USA patients and candidates. And then as well, as you come into our waiting area, you'll see some of the original artworks. We represent for our local Boston artists with artwork and sculptures. And this is our four station reception area, and some more beautiful sculptures. Now I would like to take you for a little tour of our reception area. This is specifically designed with color palates to make the office soothing to the eye and not stressful. Certain colors will tend to irritate and aggravate our patients, and other colors will tend to soothe and relax. All of the materials used in this office have no VOC's, so there's no odors or smells in the office. And there's plenty of flat panel TVs running throughout all the operatories in the office for our patient convenience. As you can see, we've got an award by Dental Economics, Dental Office Design, and we put a lot of effort into our patients comfort and well-being. We have a series of handicap restrooms here, male and female. Down the end of the corridor here, the most interesting room in the whole office is our utility room. Being LEED certified, we have state of the art energy efficient equipment. Our suction machines require no water, therefore are no use on the environment. Our water heater is a HEPAC water heater, using the hot air generated by the compressors and the suction to translate into hot water. We have very high efficiency boilers, bottom separators, water purification system, and especially a Lifebreath air exchanger so it circulates any odors and bacteria in the office and filters them and screens them out. I'd like to welcome you to the Invisalign portion of our practice, which has four operatories dedicated for Invisalign. We have a separate consultation room in here, where the patient can sit down with Dr. Samadani, our Invisalign orthodontist, and discuss the treatment plan and actually visualize what your case is gonna start out with and what it's gonna end up with. Now as we move down this way, we have a separate lab dedicated for Invisalign for our laboratory, as well as for our prosthetic laboratory to fabricate our porcelain crowns, which is right around the corner here. This is our Invisalign and crown and bridge lab, where we do all our Invisalign models and custom porcelain work for our crown and bridge cases and implants. That's a separate, dedicated lab just for these areas of specialty in our office. This is our dedicated surgical suite, used for perio surgery, oral surgery, and implant surgeries. This is our dedicated sterilization room. We have a clean side and dirty side, as it is called. This is the dirty side, where the instruments come in, to our sterile, clean side of the sterilization room. And we have a Mealy disinfection unit, ultrasonic, and hand pieced lubrication system. This side of the office, facing Coffey Square, which has beautiful views in each operatory, and there are eight operatories with spectacular views of Coffey Square and the Coffey Plaza Hotel. And this is my private office and conference room, where I discuss case presentation and treatment plans with my patients. Female Announcer: Whatever your reason for visiting Dental Associates of New England, you can rest assured that you will be treated to the very state of the art in dental office design and technology. Every detail reflects the cumulative experience of Dr. John Meola and his commitment to the comfort, safety, and well-being of his patients.

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At Dental Associates of New England, we have a team of talented experts in restorative and cosmetic dental care who can give you the dazzling and healthy smile you deserve. We are affiliated with many prestigious organizations, including:

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  • The American Academy of Periodontology

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