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At Dental Associates of New England, our dentists focus on relationship building as an important pillar of superb dental care. By understanding our patients' goals, lifestyles, and unique perspectives, we can best treat our patients. Dr. John Meola takes extra time to know each of his patients and help create a comfortable, soothing environment where patients can relax.

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Dr. John Meola: A new patient exam is probably one of the most exciting things that we do. You get to see somebody new for the first time. You get to experience what they're about. What their chief complaint is. Why they're here. What they're looking for. What we can do to help them. I am a people person and I love to meet people. It's not just about dental. We want to know, not who your last dentist is or about your last experience. It's like we're family here. Where you from? Do you have kids? Where did you go to school? What's going on in your life? Where you working? Because it's a relationship. So often you come in today with the way healthcare is going. I only have ten minutes to treat you. I gotta charge you this. I gotta see 30 patients in a day, and I am not interested in your life. Well, I feel that if you get interested in a patients life you get to understand the patient. You can better treat the patient, and to be honest with you, that's the way I want to practice, and If practices would be forcing me to operate a different way I wouldn't want to be a dentist anymore.

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