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Dr. John D. Meola, Owner and Founder of Dental Associates of New England, is a skilled cosmetic dentist with a keen understanding of the spatial orientation of the face as it relates to the tooth. Dr. Meola evaluates a patient's face as a whole before determining which treatments will work best for him or her. Our cosmetic dentistry approach focuses on conservative treatments that preserve as much natural tooth as possible.

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Cosmetic dentistry is my real area of concentration because I understand the spatial orientation of the face as it relates to the tooth. When I look at beauty and I judge beauty, I look at a person's face, I just don't look at a single restoration. I look at what you call as the whole package or the whole picture. Does the patient have a broad face? Is it an ovoid tapering face? How does it relate to the tooth? How does the lip line relate to the gum? How does the gum relate to the tooth? How does the bite relate to the upper and lower arch? We take all of these things into consideration. My approach, believe it or not, tends to be conservative. If I can reshape the teeth and have the patient do Invisalign, I would rather the patient have Invisalign then have a veneer or all porcelain coverage. I tend to do mostly all porcelain coverage, my particular cases, without metal underneath because of the fact that I create the total shape of the tooth, less chance of the veneers popping off. My typical work will last anywhere from 15 to 30 years. I've been practicing 33 years and some of that work is still in. The other thing that I insist upon is patient compliance with coming in regularly to maintain. You don't just come to the office, have the work done, and leave. It's like a partnership. I spend time talking to patient about nutrition, about what they're eating, what can effect this beautiful work that I'm about to perform on them. If they're drinking carbonated beverages with high acid content, it will start wearing away their enamel; a lot of things patients are not aware of. I get into their diet, their nutrition. Most of all, I listen to what they want. What I think they need isn't necessarily what they want. A lot of times, the patient will come in and we'll pull up models and do pictures, and we'll spend the extra time to understand what they want it to look like, not what we think it should look like.

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