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In addition to providing cosmetic, restorative, and general dentistry services to our patients, our dentists regularly participate in charity efforts. One such charity is the Pediatric/Adolescent Referral Center, a nearby office that brings together medical specialists from around the world to coordinate surgery and help children with a variety of conditions live their best lives possible. We also work with Dental Assistance for Survivors of the Holocaust, through which we provide dental care free of charge to Holocaust survivors.

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When we moved into moved into 40 Second Ave., it used to be called the PARC Building: Pediatric Atlas and Referral Center. We occupied the top half of the fifth floor. Across from me was the esteemed Dr. Murray Finegold. One day, Murray asked me if I would attend a craniofacial meeting, and I did. I just fell in love with the kids and what they were doing there. They didn't have anybody to perform a lot of the dentistry. Not knowing in the beginning when we first moved into the building that we had a specialty practice that could basically accommodate all of their needs, we started taking over ortho cases, complex implant cases, extraction cases, surgery cases, to coordinate with their oral maxillofacial surgery cases. Children would come in with all sorts of very difficult situations to deal with. These kids, despite what they were up against in 30 operations they've had in their life, would have such a wonderful personality and have a different outlook on life. It made you really think differently about how lucky you were and how fortunate you were when you were having a bad day. It's something I would look forward to every month. The last Friday of every two months, we'd have a craniofacial meeting, where we would sit down with some of the top specialists in the world, about 6 or 7 of us, and then would diagnose and treatment plan these children, and follow their cases and coordinate their treatment. That's something that has kept my interest in dentistry for quite a bit. One of the other charities that I'm involved in, I'm one of the Doctors for DASH, which is Dental Assistance for Survivors of the Holocaust. There's unfortunately very few surviving Holocaust victims; they're all in their 80's and 90's now. A lot of them come in with translators. We provide . . . and most of their families no longer exist. We provide dental care for these patients until the end of their days. That's another very rewarding aspect of the charity work that we do.

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