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Dr. Afsaneh Samadani is the orthodontic specialist at Dental Associates of New England. Dr. Samadani utilizes three types of orthodontics to straighten patients' teeth. Removable appliances like retainers, Invisalign®, and traditional braces are used for each patient according to his or her unique needs. We encourage patients to consult with Dr. Samadani to determine what type of orthodontic treatment is best.

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I'm Dr. Samadani; I'm the orthodontic specialist here at Dental Associates of New England. We basically specialize and work with the other side of this dental office, the cosmetic side, to place the teeth, to move the teeth to where to they should be to a better place depending on what the goals of treatment are. We primarily use 3 different ways, really. If it's very minor movement, there are removable appliances that we use like retainers, people call them. We do traditional braces as well, but we do a lot of Invisalign which is the latest, most aesthetic way to move teeth. It's opened the door for a lot of adults that may not have previously thought about straightening their teeth, not just for cosmetics, but also for health reasons for their teeth to last forever. That's really it; those are still the 3 ways. Braces and Invisalign: The goal of the treatment is the same. Sometimes in some cases, we can't use Invisalign, but most of the cases with Invisalign the way it is now and just by the experience that we have, we can use Invisalign for more and more complicated cases. The treatment time is slightly longer than traditional braces, but what you gain from that is just the aesthetics of most people not knowing you're in treatment, and having it be removable which is a great thing for adults. That means if they . . . you can leave it out for a few hours a day still and eat the way you normally do, clean, brush, and floss the way you normally do. It's a great thing for patients, for the clinician, and for the orthodontist.

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