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Dental Associates of New England is proud to give every patient we see with celebrity-caliber treatment, in addition to being proud to serve actual Boston celebrities and professional athletes. Our team provides 24/7 services to athletes, cheerleaders, and dancers from teams including the Boston Celtics and New England Patriots. Our dental specialists have also been proud to prepare women and young women for competition in local state Miss USA pageants, fine-tuning our patients' beautiful smiles.

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We treat a variety of athletes. It's been quite interesting because of the type of injuries they sustain. We'll get calls at 3:00 at night when they're flying back from a game. One of the Celtics with an elbow will have a jaw fracture to deal with, an avulsed tooth, or a cracked tooth. We as a team have a lot of training in oral-maxillofacial trauma, and that's something where our skills have been honed over the years. We're one of the few practices around that offers 24/7 services for those treatments. When we get calls 3:00 at night, Saturdays, Sundays, after games, we have to be available 24/7. That has been very rewarding for us because the players really appreciate us being there for them. We can't really discuss who the players are, what their injuries are, or what has happened, but it's something that we provide for the teams. We also treat the other side of the teams, which is the cheerleaders and the dance team members, particularly the Patriots cheerleaders and the Celtics dance team. Because of my understanding of facial structure and beauty, I have been a judge for the Patriot cheerleaders for over 10 or 12 years, and I'm a finalist judge. Basically when I look at a young lady, I'll look at their facial structure and shape, and correlate that to their tooth, and that's how we perform such beautiful cosmetics. We go from judging the pageants to having them come in and getting them ready for their photo shoots for their calendars, where we'll try to get their tooth color or tone just right for a photo shoot, so we'll bleach them. We don't want to over-bleach them or under-bleach them, but get it just right. We've had a lot of experience for over 25 years in bleaching. We've been bleaching just as long as anybody that's out there. We're involved with a couple new companies. We're always trying new techniques out there for our patients. As well as that, I have judged all the New England pageants: Mass., Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, New York, for Miss and Teen USA, Donald Trump's pageants. After we judge these young ladies, the Teens and the Misses, then they come in as patients, and then we try to get them ready for competition. As far as the younger girls are concerned, I'll try to be very conservative with the cosmetics, basically trying to bleach, use Invisalign, or reshape their teeth by changing the angles, called a cosmetic equilibration, with a special set of silicone rubber wheels, where we try to shape and make the angles a little crisper. It's amazing what a little reshaping of the tooth changes their appearance. Then once they come in and then they compete in Miss USA, and then once in a while, I'll have to travel to New York and treat a Miss USA or a Miss Universe patient at my friend's practice.

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