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As long as teeth whitening has existed, Dental Associates of New England has been brightening our patients' teeth. Safety is always first in our office, so we wait until patients are at least 17 or 18 before doing any bleaching. We also adjust our systems to meet each patient's unique needs and have a dental hygienist present with each bleaching case.

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We've been bleaching for as long as bleaching has been around. We've researched bleaching; we've been on the cutting end of bleaching for many years. The biggest issue is how it dehydrates the teeth and sensitivity. On younger patients, we will not bleach somebody below 17-years-old, even though some practices will, because it dehydrates the tubules, creates sensitivity. At the time, the nerves and canals are very large and it can cause some damage. We wait until they're at least 17 or 18, as dismayed as they may be, before we will do that. Bleaching is tricky. It's tricky in the sense that yellow teeth will bleach whiter and grey and brown teeth will be bleached more translucent. We spend the time to explain that. Then you can finesse cases; you can vary the degree of concentration, you can vary the degree of time. Then there's some new systems out which will not bleach as white but they won't be as sensitive. If you do them longer, they will work, as well. We do not just have just an assistant doing bleaching; we have hygienists doing all of our bleaching cases despite the fact that it may cost me more money to have a hygienist do it than an assistant. I feel hygienists are more trained to manipulate the tissues and protect the tissues because they're very good about these things and have more knowledge about these things. That's some of the special things we do with our patients when we do our bleaching cases.

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