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The dentists at Dental Associates of New England have been serving the varied dental needs of patients for more than 20 years. Led by Dr. John D. Meola, Owner and Director, and Dr. Chris Maguire, Partner, have created a team atmosphere that caters to each patient's unique needs. We can address the full scope of you and your family's dental needs.

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Narrator: For over 20 years, Dental Associates of New England has been treating patients with an extraordinary array of dental services. The product of Dr. John Meola and his personal passion for perfection in dentistry has resulted in a team of specialists notably proficient in caring for everything from routine dentistry to dental injury or crafting breathtaking smiles. Dr. Meola: I'm Dr. John Meola, Jr. I am the director of Dental Associates of New England and this is my partner, Dr. Chris Maguire. Chris and I have been working together for 15 years, and we've come up with a very unique team approach to dentistry. We've assembled a wonderful and talented group of specialists for all specialties of dentistry where we are able to coordinate our treatment for the best of our patients. When you first come to Dental Associates of New England, you'll either get to see Chris or myself for initial diagnosis and treatment plan. So you have somebody from the beginning to follow up what your needs are in dentistry. Narrator: The foundation to the structure at Dental Associates of New England is a methodology of practice passed down from father to son following a family tradition of carrying forward the fundamental values of patient care. Dr. Meola: What I like the most of what my dad did is how he treated his patients and the compassion that he had. He was like your typical family physician or doctor where he would listen to you and he'd go to your house except they would come to the office. And he would help everybody on an individual needed basis. And so I grew up in that old fashioned doctor/patient caring relationship. And that kind of molded my mentality of what I thought being a dentist and doctor should be about. Narrator: A pioneer in designing state of the art dental practices, Dr. Meola's concept of the multi-specialty practice creates a central brain trust for patients with teams able to construct and implement treatment plans. Able to solve even the most complex dental cases. Dr. Meola: The practice is divided up into sub-specialties in the sense that I may concentrate more with porcelain restorations and for porcelain coverage. Where my other associates may concentrate on veneers, and another specialist may concentrate on implants. So we kind of divide up. We don't have one doctor doing everything. Narrator: Dr. Meola's specialty practice strategy benefits patients with under one roof expertise in orthodontics, oral surgery,TMJ, periodontics and dental implants. However, Dental Associates of New England's marquee expertise is in cosmetic dentistry designing the smiles of your dreams. Dr. Meola: Where I seem to have a really good eye is with cosmetic dentistry because I understand the spatial orientation of the face as it relates to the tooth. And when I look at you and I judge beauty, I look at a person's face. I just don't look at a single restoration, but I look at what you call is the whole package or the whole picture. Narrator: Dr. Meola's cosmetic mastery can be seen across the country on television, in print, and on the runway, as he is in demand by professional sports teams and beauty pageants. Dr. Meola: The sports aspect of what we do at Dental Associates is one part from treating the stars of the Patriots, Tom Brady and my friends, Wes Welker and the rest of the group. We also treat the other side of the teams which is the cheerleaders and the dance team members. Particularly the Patriots cheerleaders and the Celtics Dance Team. Narrator: Whatever your dental needs my be, you can rest assured that once you become a member of our family at Dental Associates of New England, you will be cared for by a team of specialists at the top of their game, in facilities that set the standard for patient care at two locations convenient to all in the downtown or suburban Boston areas. Dr. Meola: It's not just about dental. We're family here. Where you're from, if you have kids, where did you go to school, what's going on in your life, where you're working, because it's a relationship. I feel if you get interested in a patient's life, you get to understand the patient and you can better treat the patient.

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