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Statistics on Oral Hygiene and Dental Treatments

Ever wonder how your dental health measures up? At Dental Associates of New England, our doctors explore dental statistics in the United States.

Posted by John Meola on Sep 26, 2018

Flossing Tips: How to Keep Your Teeth Clean

Our team at Dental Associates of New England discusses flossing tips, including techniques, frequency, and which type to use.

Posted by John Meola on Sep 05, 2018

The Link between Poor Gum Health and Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes are a fact of life, but did you know they could affect the gums? Discover link between poor gum health and hormonal changes.

Posted by John Meola on Oct 04, 2017

Dental Damage and Aggressive Tooth Brushing

Did you know that you could actually damage your teeth through aggressive tooth brushing? Learn how to brush your teeth properly.

Posted by John Meola on Jul 06, 2017

The Benefits of Using Tongue Scrapers

Tongue scrapers can make a major impact on your overall dental health, improving your breath and making your mouth very clean.

Posted by Dental Associates on Apr 04, 2017

How Chewing Can Cause Tooth Sensitivity

Pressure while biting and chewing can cause tooth sensitivity, which is a common sign of a dental problem. Let's cover the basics.

Posted by John Meola on Feb 04, 2017

Too Hot, Too Cold, Just Right: Temperature and Tooth Sensitivity

Hot and cold temperatures can trigger bouts of tooth sensitivity and pain for a variety of reasons. Let's explore these issues in more detail right…

Posted by John Meola on Jan 05, 2017

The History of the Toothbrush

The toothbrush is one of the most important tools for maintaining oral health, but where did it come from? Discover the history of the toothbrush…

Posted by John Meola on Dec 03, 2016

Preventing Tooth Loss after Oral Injury

Tooth loss can occur after an oral injury. Protect your smile from tooth loss and oral injury with these tips.

Posted by John Meola on Nov 09, 2016

The History of Dentistry

Learn about the history of dentistry and the advanced techniques that are available today for our patients.

Posted by John Meola on Oct 07, 2016

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