The Benefits of Using Tongue Scrapers By Dental Associates on April 04, 2017

Using a tongue scraperHere at Dental Associates of New England, we are proud to be a leader in advanced dentistry here in the Boston area. Patients can count on us for advanced cosmetic dentistry treatments and the latest restorative dentistry procedures around.

Many patients have asked us recently about the use of tongue scrapers. Let's consider some of the benefits of this practice. Before we get to the benefits, let's discuss what a tongue scraper is and what it does exactly.

What Is a Tongue Scraper?

A tongue scraper is a dental instrument you can purchase at your local drugstore or sometimes even your grocery store. It does precisely what it sounds like it does: it scrapes your tongue.

To use a tongue scraper, simply start at the bag of your tongue and gently pull the scraper forward. This will remove unwanted bacteria, food particles, and dead cells from the tongue. In the process, an often neglected part of your mouth is cleaned off.

Helps Fight Bad Breath

One of the most commonly cited benefits of the tongue scraper is that it helps freshen your breath. By removing unwanted food particles, bacteria, and dead cells from your tongue, your breath is more likely to be clean and fresh. The tongue often gets neglected in the cleaning process, or at least isn't cleaned as carefully as it could be. Tongue scraping should really be part of your normal oral hygiene routine.

More Comfortable for Tongue Cleaning Than a Toothbrush

One of the reasons the tongue often gets neglected during normal oral hygiene routines is that brushing the tongue can be quite uncomfortable. This is especially true of trying to get the back of the tongue clean. This can result in people gagging or choking when they are cleaning their mouth. The discomfort is not an issue when using a tongue scraper. You can get your tongue clean with far less worry of triggering your gag reflex.

Can Potentially Improve the Taste of Food

This is one of the potential benefits that people don't often mention when they talk about tongue scrapers. When you clean your tongue off and there is no longer other matter on it, there's a chance that your favorite foods may test better. The richness or depth of certain flavors may come out more, meaning a tongue scraper may be just what you need to improve your palate or to prep for a culinary adventure.

How Often Should I Scrape My Tongue?

As we noted above, tongue scraping should ideally become part of your normal oral hygiene routine. It's a good idea to scrape your tongue after you brush your teeth. That means at least twice a day is a good idea. Scraping your tongue after every meal may also be advisable.

For optimal dental health, consider using mouthwash after flossing your teeth, brushing your teeth, and scraping your tongue. This will eliminate a lot of oral bacteria and food particles in the mouth that could lead to bad breath and tooth decay. This is probably the freshest you can get your mouth at home.

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To learn more about tongue scrapers and whether or not they are a good option for you and your oral hygiene needs, be sure to contact our advanced dental care center today. The team at Dental Associates of New England is here to help you smile with renewed confidence.

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