Full Mouth Reconstruction Recovery By John Meola on August 01, 2018

Photo composite of full mouth reconstruction proceduresDo you have tooth decay? Fractured teeth? Bleeding gums? Those with several different oral health concerns can benefit from full mouth reconstruction at our Boston, MA dental practice. This comprehensive treatment combines two or more restorative procedures to bring health and function back to your smile.

At Dental Associates of New England, we offer cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, and oral surgery to improve the health and appearance of your smile.

Here, our team discusses full mouth reconstruction recovery and explains what patients can expect during their healing process.

Individualized Care

The most important thing to understand about full mouth reconstruction recovery is that every patient has his or her own set of specific needs. Therefore, each treatment plan will be unique.

The recovery period is completely contingent on the type of procedures performed as well as the patient’s own healing capacity. In the sections below, we will discuss a few of the most common treatments performed in full mouth reconstruction and give a basic overview of the recovery timeline.

Fillings, Bridges, and Crowns

When teeth are decayed or otherwise damaged, restorative treatments are necessary to repair them and keep bacteria from spreading. Fillings, bridges, and crowns are among the most common types of restorations.

Because these treatments are minimally invasive, nominal recovery time is required. In fact, most patients are able to return to work or school the same day. Any discomfort or tenderness can be mitigated with over-the-counter pain relievers. These side effects generally diminish in just a few days.

Root Canal Therapy

When bacteria penetrate the pulp of a tooth, root canal treatment is the only solution, other than extraction. During this process, the living tissues inside the tooth are replaced with a dental filling material, and the bite is often restored with a crown.

In most cases, patients require minimal recovery time. Mild discomfort can be managed with pain medication. Individuals can typically return to work in one to two days.

Oral Surgery

At our practice, we offer several oral surgery procedures, including extractions. The time necessary for full recovery will vary for each individual. However, as a general rule, patients can expect for the initial healing period to take about one week. You will be given a detailed list of post-operative instructions. Closely following these guidelines can help you experience a comfortable and successful recovery.

Dental Implants

In order to have dental implants placed, patients must undergo an oral surgery procedure. The recovery timeline for implants is a bit different compared to other treatments, as we must allow sufficient time for the natural jaw tissue to fuse to the implant posts.

Once implants have been placed, patients can expect to feel mild discomfort and tenderness for approximately one week. This can be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers. In some cases, you may be given prescription medications as well.

When the initial recovery period is over, a few months of healing is still required before the final restoration can be attached. The exact timeline will depend on several factors, including the complexity of the case and your body’s healing capability. However, most patients will be able to complete their treatment in about three to nine months.

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As you can see, the recovery timeline for your full mouth reconstruction will entirely depend on the nature of your specific case. While an individual receiving a few fillings and two dental crowns can complete their treatment in a couple of weeks, a patient receiving implants may require several months of recovery.

To learn more about your specific full mouth reconstruction recovery timeline, schedule a visit at our practice. You can call us at one of our office locations or contact us online anytime.

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