Root Canal Therapy (Endodontics) and Oral Surgery

Our dentists in Boston, Massachusetts, and Waltham, Massachusetts, specialize in endodontics, also known as root canal. When the area of the tooth containing the nerves and blood supply becomes damaged or infected, you know it by the excruciating pain you feel in the diseased tooth. At our cosmetic dental centers, endodontics is used to repair teeth damaged or diseased in this way.

Symptoms of nerve damage or infection that may require endodontics include severe tooth pain, darkening of the tooth, sensitivity to heat and cold, and swelling, tenderness, or recurring pimples on the gums. Sometimes, however, no symptoms appear, yet endodontics may still be essential to maintain the health of the mouth. Our experienced dentists in Boston can advise if endodontics is necessary for you.

Endodontics is usually not a painful procedure. However, if pain is anticipated or if just the word “ endodontics” sends shivers down your spine, we offer sedation dentistry at our Boston and Waltham, Massachusetts area cosmetic dental care offices. For more information about endodontics in the Boston or Waltham, Massachusetts areas, contact us!

Oral surgery

In addition to endodontics, our Massachusetts dentists also offer many oral surgery procedures. Removing wisdom teeth or extracting irreparably damaged or diseased teeth are two of the many procedures where oral surgery is used. Oral surgery is done conveniently in our cosmetic dental centers, and sedation dentistry is available. For oral surgery in the Boston or Waltham, Massachusetts area, contact us.

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