Understanding the Cost of Dental Crowns By John Meola on September 04, 2015

Crown with a dollar signCrowns are one of the most versatile and important restorative dentistry treatments. These tooth-shaped caps can repair structural damage, improve cosmetic flaws, and reduce your risk for further tooth injuries. At Dental Associates of New England, we offer consistently personalized care. We will custom-create your crown to match the overall look of your smile, and we will design a treatment plan to meet your particular needs. Because of this level of customization, the cost of dental crowns can vary significantly for each patient. We will consider your financial needs when planning your procedure, and we can help you find a repayment plan that works for you. To get your specific dental crown costs, contact our Boston practice today.

Materials Are the Biggest Factor Affecting the Cost of Your Crown

Your crown can be crafted from several different materials. The type of crown you choose will be the number one consideration when we provide your treatment estimate. Your options include:

  • Metal: For many years, gold was the only option for dental crowns. This material can still be a good choice if durability is your top concern. However, metal crowns will not blend with your smile. Gold can also be a more cost prohibitive option.
  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM): PFM crowns have a metal framework, and they are covered in porcelain, chosen to match the natural shade of your smile. Made of a cheaper material than gold, PFM can be a cost-effective choice. Plus, the porcelain coating will blend with your smile. Nevertheless, the metal may start to show through after several years.
  • All-porcelain: All-porcelain crowns will match your teeth, and they will never change color over time. Though they may cost more than PFM crowns, you may find porcelain restorations to be an excellent investment in your smile.
  • Zirconia: Zirconia is an advanced form of porcelain, which will match the color, as well as the luster of your smile. In addition, zirconia is almost as strong as metal. These crowns cost more than other types of restorations. Nevertheless, they are highly durable and virtually identical to natural teeth.

The Cost of Sedation

In most cases, your dentist will place your crown after numbing your tooth with local anesthesia. If you suffer from dental anxiety, however, we can also provide IV sedation. This form of sedation will put you into a twilight sleep, so you will not be aware of what is going on during your treatment. We will carefully monitor the amount of medication you receive, so you will remain safe and comfortable throughout your treatment. If you choose IV sedation, you should expect an additional, though affordable, charge.

Dental Insurance and Your Crown

In most cases, if you are receiving a crown for restorative reasons, dental insurance will cover the cost of your treatment. You should note, however, that your insurance may not cover sedation or more advanced dental materials. Additionally, your policy may not fund your treatment if you are receiving a crown for cosmetic enhancement. This does not mean that you cannot enjoy the effective treatment and stunning results that you deserve. Our team will help you get the most benefit from your insurance policy. We also provide several financing options for your out-of-pocket costs, and we will help you choose the right repayment plan for your budget.

Learn the Cost of Your Crown

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