Is Teeth Whitening Right for Me? By John Meola on April 16, 2013


Boston Teeth Whitening CandidatesThere are several options available to you for teeth whitening, both as outpatient visits to your cosmetic dentist and over-the-counter whiteners you use at home. Teeth whitening can help people with teeth stains as well as those who just want to brighten their teeth by few shades because of yellowing or darkening of enamel and dentin.

At Dental Associates of New England, we are proud to provide residents of Boston teeth whitening procedures that are painless and simple with noticeable, smile-brightening results you can see after just one visit to our cosmetic dentist’s office.

At Dental Associates of New England, we offer the best in Boston cosmetic dentistry services, including ZOOM! 2™ Tooth Whitening, a revolutionary whitening in-office procedure. This procedure can lighten your teeth from six to 10 shades lighter in a single office visit.

ZOOM! 2™ Tooth Whitening gel is applied by our expert cosmetic dentists to your tooth enamel; the gel is then activated by a special lamp. The lamp’s heat causes a reaction in the gel that releases oxygen through your teeth’s porous enamel to bleach the dentin below the surface of your teeth. The procedure also includes a take-home whitening touch-up kit, to keep your smile white and bright long after the procedure.

It is important to consult with your cosmetic dentist in detail before receiving any procedure, as is the case with ZOOM! 2™ Tooth Whitening. Ideal teeth whitening candidates include patients with extrinsic teeth discoloration, or darkening from coffee, soft drinks, wine and other enamel-darkening foods and drinks, as well as discoloration from tobacco products.

Since it does involve a chemical reaction, and post-procedural fluoride treatment, some patients should not receive ZOOM! 2™ Tooth Whitening. People who should not receive whitening treatments include:

  • Pregnant or nursing women
  • Patients receiving photochemotherapy
  • Patients diagnosed with melanoma
  • Patients taking light-sensitive medications should discuss with their general physician before considering teeth whitening
  • People who are sensitive to light

While you should not receive ZOOM! 2™ Tooth Whitening if you have any of the above conditions, our Boston-area cosmetic dentists can discuss other options to whiten your teeth, including the ZOOM! 2™ Take Home Tooth Whitening System.

To maintain your bright smile after a whitening procedure, try these tips:

  • Avoid teeth-staining agents such as coffee, soft drinks, and tobacco products.
  • Practice good oral hygiene. While this may seem obvious, keeping a strict oral care regimen, including brushing, flossing and mouth rinsing, can greatly diminish your chances of teeth discoloration.
  • Chew on celery, apples, carrots and pears, which increase saliva production in your mouth and help break down leftover food particles.
  • Chew sugarless gum, which naturally cleanses teeth and produces saliva as well.
  • Avoid sugar-rich drinks and sports drinks, which can thin your teeth’s enamel and expose dentin to staining if consumed often. These drinks also cause cavities, which yellow teeth and expose dentin to discoloration.
  • Attend regular dentist visits for cleaning and check-ups. Your dentist can see stains and discoloration you may not be able to see.

For more information on your candidacy for teeth whitening, visit our offices at Dental Associates of New England for a free consultation. Contact us to set up an appointment today.

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