Benefits of Dental Sealants By John Meola on November 21, 2012

Boston Dental SealantsBrushing, flossing, and fluoride treatments are essential components to your oral health, but, sometimes, additional preventive measures need to be taken to protect the health of your smile. To keep your teeth and gums healthy, the world-renowned dentists at Dental Associates of New England recommend patients explore the use of dental sealants. Our team eagerly educates its younger patients about the benefits of dental sealants, as sealants are just one part of a child’s comprehensive preventive dental care program.

What are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are designed to preserve the health of your smile by shielding your teeth from sticky plaque and harmful bacteria. The thin plastic coating engulfs the cusp of a molar, seeping into the deep grooves of the chewing surface. Most commonly applied to permanent back teeth, dental sealants protect teeth by keeping food particles, germs, and decay from taking root in the grooves of the teeth. Children, between the ages of six to fifteen, benefit the most from dental sealants because their smiles are still developing. Generally, kids don’t understand the importance of maintaining happy, healthy gums and teeth. By being proactive about your child’s oral health, our Boston cosmetic dentists and their team can protect and preserve the health of your youngster’s smile.

What are Some Benefits of Sealants?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), at the age of 19, 70 percent of America’s children have developed tooth decay.  Our dental specialists want to help prevent cavities from developing in your child’s smile, which is why we discuss with patients the importance of actively participating in the fight against cavities, bacteria, disease, and plaque. Some benefits of dental sealants include:

Discreet: The thin acrylic-like material is translucent, meaning dental sealants are not easily detectable when talking, chewing, smiling, or laughing.

Easy Installation: Dental sealants do not necessitate enamel removal, drilling, or numbing.  Sealants take just minutes to install. After thoroughly cleansing the tooth and tissue surrounding the structure, a sealant is applied, and then hardened and dried using laser technology.

Comfortable: Once applied, dental sealants will not interfere with your child’s bite. The thin, protective shells fill the grooves of molars, and, at times, your child may be able to feel the addition with his or her tongue.

Effective: Paired with optimal oral hygiene, dental sealants are 100 percent effective at preventing the development of tooth decay. Particularly effective on the back teeth, sealants form a barrier between the teeth and plaque build-up.

Durable and Long Lasting: Dental sealants are incredibly durable. The thin covering can withstand intense chewing, and hot and cold liquids. However, our dentists recommend you refrain from harmful habits that may cause the sealant to break down or crack. If you practice phenomenal hygiene, dental sealants can last for five to ten years.

Cost Effective: Our team believes in setting your child’s smile up for success. Because everyone deserves to have a healthy smile that radiates confidence, we offer cost effective preventive solutions, including dental sealants, for patients who are prone to developing cavities.

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For our patients in Boston, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, and other treatments can be performed to improve the beauty of a healthy smile. To learn more about the services we provide, explore our website or contact Dental Associates of New England directly. Our dentists and their team are committed to protecting the integrity of your child’s smile, so it lasts for many years to come. 

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