Congrats Boston Bruins! By John Meola on June 17, 2011

Riding the wave of the Boston Bruins’ Stanley Cup win, Dental Associates of New England is sticking with an athletic theme for our June blog post.

Our very own Dr. Gerald Maher, Patriots team dentist for more than two decades, has developed the innovative Maher Mouth Guard, which aids in the prevention of concussions for all athletes participating in contact sports, from professionals to youth players.

Dr. Maher’s product which is already successfully used by the New England Patriots, numerous high school and college athletic programs, individual NFL players and a number of boxing, hockey and lacrosse professionals.

"It's the first piece of its kind to allow athletes to talk to each other on the field, drink water, and breathe easily without having to take the mouth guard out," said Mark Picot, executive vice president of MaherCor Laboratories, LLC, the company working with Dr. Maher to mass produce the product.

A dental mold of each potential wearer is taken and custom mouth guard is created using two acrylic pieces held together by stainless steel bands that rest behind the lower teeth. Athletes put the piece in at the start of a game and don't have to take it out until the game is over, allowing for better communication on the field.

"I previously had three concussions. I started wearing the Maher Mouth Guard three years ago and have not had a concussion since," said Patriots cornerback Asante Samuel. "I feel very comfortable wearing the Maher Mouth Guard and recommend it for any contact sport. It is perfect."

Since its development, no NFL Player wearing any products in The Mahercor Laboratories product line has ever succumbed to a concussion from a blow to the jaw.

Dr. Gerald Maher points out that mouth guards are not just for "competitive" organized athletics. The recreational athlete should also be aware of the protection a mouth guard can give. The weekend athlete may be at an even higher risk of sports injuries because of the lack of conditioning, training and skill. Mouth guards should also be used in practices, physical education classes and some exercise programs.

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