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Dental Crowns Cost

Dental crowns are a part of numerous dental procedures and factor into the price of many treatments, from tooth restoration to implants. 

If you need a crown, Dental Associates of New England is transparent about costs and can explain what factors influence the price you pay.

Our Boston and Waltham, MA, practices take a conservative approach to dentistry so you can feel confident about your treatment and the cost.

Factors That Affect the Price Of Dental Crowns

Location of the Tooth

The location of a crown can affect the cost. For example, molars in the back of your mouth are larger and require more dental material to protect the tooth. The location may also affect the type of dental material recommended. If the tooth is in the aesthetic zone, the teeth seen when you smile, you may want to upgrade to a crown material that excels at recreating the look of natural enamel.

Materials Used

Crowns can be made out of numerous materials, from porcelain-fused-to-metal to newer, high-end materials, such as zirconia and IPS e.max®, all of which will affect the price you pay. Our dentists can recommend the preferred materials depending on the location of the tooth and any additional issues you may have, such as grinding or bruxism.

Related Procedures

Crowns are often used in conjunction with other procedures, such as root canal treatment. If you are missing a tooth, a dental bridge or dental implant will use crowns to restore your smile and give you a functional bite. Naturally, these extra procedures will add to the total cost of your treatment.


The dentists at Dental Associates of New England put an emphasis on patient comfort and use the latest technology and techniques so that patients can relax during treatment. But for patients who are anxious visiting the dentist or who have trouble sitting for long periods, we offer both nitrous oxide options for an added layer of comfort.

How Can I Find Out How Much a Crown Will Cost Me? Call for a Consultation

The only way to accurately determine how much a crown will cost is to request a consultation. Our dentists at Dental Associates of New England will examine your mouth, assess what type of crown you need, and determine if any other treatments are needed to prepare for the crown.

Our dentists can also discuss the type of crown material appropriate for your situation. In some cases, such as for teeth that are visible when you smile, patients want to upgrade to dental materials that excel at mimicking natural tooth enamel. On the other hand, if the crown is destined for the back of the mouth where strength is needed, we will likely recommend crown material noted for its strength.

Our dentists, who are trusted by professional athletes, models, and beauty queens, specialize in cosmetic dentistry. We take special care with our custom crowns to ensure they look natural and fit comfortably. If you have questions, leave us a message online or call:

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Are Dental Crowns Covered by Insurance?

In many cases, dental insurance will cover at least part of the cost of a dental crown that is medically necessary. However, dental crowns used for cosmetic purposes are not usually included in coverage. In those cases, or when you have large out-of-pocket costs, contact our office about financing options.

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