Invisalign® Candidates Seek a Discreet and Simple Orthodontic Treatment

woman with lovely smileIf you want straighter teeth, but only if you can avoid wearing traditional braces, Invisalign® may be the answer. The renowned team at Dental Associates of New England can help you achieve straight, beautiful smiles using clear removable aligners. This popular treatment is a discreet and simplified approach to orthodontics that can address many of the same issues traditionally treated with metal braces. If you would like to find out if you are an Invisalign® candidate, contact our Boston or Waltham practice today.

Determining Invisalign® Candidacy

A consultation with one of our orthodontists is the surest way to determine if you are a candidate for Invisalign® treatment. Adults and teens who want straighter teeth, but have been concerned about the comfort and appearance of traditional metal braces, often make excellent candidates for Invisalign®. Patients who don’t wish to stop eating the sticky or tough foods they love choose Invisalign® because the removable aligners make brushing and flossing no more difficult than before.

What Conditions Can Invisalign® Treat?

Invisalign® treatment can be used to correct a number of dental alignment issues:

  • Gapped Teeth – Wide gaps between teeth can lead to a variety of dental problems.
  • Overcrowded Teeth – Overcrowded teeth are more difficult to clean. Invisalign® can help you achieve straighter teeth, making it easier to maintain oral health.
  • Overbite – When the upper teeth bite over the lower teeth, it can lead to joint problems and other issues.
  • Underbite – When the lower teeth protrude farther than the upper teeth, it can lead to painful jaw and joint issues.
  • Crossbite – When both the upper and lower teeth are misaligned, it can cause the upper teeth to rest on either side of the lower teeth. This condition can cause tooth wear and other issues.
  • Open Bite – Open bite occurs when one or more teeth are unable to make contact with the tooth on the opposite jaw. It is most often caused by an abnormal jaw structure or excessive thumb sucking, and can lead to painful chewing, speech impairment, and TMJ disorder.

More severe orthodontic issues may require traditional braces. After an examination, our doctors can determine if Invisalign® treatment is right for you. If you are a candidate, our staff will use Invisalign® software to show you what you can expect your smile to look like after you have completed treatment.

Find Out if Invisalign® is Right for You

To determine your candidacy and explore your options for enhancing your smile, contact our office today and set up your complementary consultation. Our doctors will perform an evaluation and have a discussion with you about what type of treatment will be most appropriate for your condition. Our practice is an Elite Preferred Provider of Invisalign®, meaning we are considered among the best one percent of providers in the country. In the event that Invisalign® treatment is not the best course of action for you, Dental Associates of New England offers a full range of orthodontic treatments and will determine the best plan to help you achieve your goals.

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