Accelerate Your Orthodontic Treatment with Acceledent®

AcceleDent® is an exciting treatment option that allows orthodontics patients to reduce their treatment time by as much as 50%. Approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the system complements orthodontic treatment and accelerates tooth movement. The treatment uses patented SoftPulse Technology® to boost the effectiveness of both traditional orthodontics and treatment with clear plastic aligners.

John D. Meola, DDS, offers the revolutionary AcceleDent® treatment at his office in Boston, MA. It is only available through qualified providers, so be sure to ask Dr. Meola if the treatment is right for you.

AcceleDent logo and product AcceleDent can help you achieve the smile of your dreams 50 percent faster.

Treatment with the AcceleDent® System

AcceleDent® offers a solution to patients who want to dramatically decrease the duration of their orthodontic treatment. The technology is not a standalone type of orthodontics. Instead, it is a supplement to braces or clear aligners. Patients have experienced a dramatic increase in tooth movement using this technology, which is designed to decrease total treatment time and typically provides a more comfortable orthodontic experience.

AcceleDent® is an FDA-approved product that has been recommended by dentists across the country since it was first made available in 2009.

The at-home treatment is as simple as fitting the AcceleDent® mouthpiece over your existing orthodontic appliance for 20 minutes every day. You may feel very subtle movement from the AcceleDent® system during use, which indicates that the SoftPulse Technology® is working. In fact, these micro pulses have been shown to transmit 200 times less force than the act of chewing. 

What is SoftPulse Technology®?

Orthodontics work by adjusting the position of the teeth and remodeling the underlying bone to create a more symmetrical, aesthetic, and comfortable bite. SoftPulse Technology® releases tiny vibrations, or micro pulses, that help orthodontic appliances achieve these goals more quickly. More specifically, the pulses travel through the dental roots to the surrounding bone socket, which boosts the cellular response from the force applied by your orthodontic appliance. 

SoftPulse Technology® operates on the same concept as a variety of other mechanical stimulation techniques. These techniques have been used for many years to treat bone and muscle loss, as well as adjust the position of bone and other tissue. AcceleDent® harnesses the effectiveness of these methods to provide a safe and effective method for accelerating orthodontic treatments.

A Safe Alternative to Surgery

Surgery is often performed prior to orthodontic treatment as a way to achieve the best results. But by choosing non-surgical AcceleDent®, patients can achieve many of the same benefits without a lengthy recovery period and frequent visits to the dentist to monitor their progress. For these reason, among others, AcceleDent® has been recommended by dentists across the country since it was first made available in 2009. 

Talk to Your Dentist About AcceleDent®

With many dentists reporting as much as a 50% reduction in treatment durations, it is no wonder why so many patients are choosing AcceleDent®. Only an approved dental professional can prescribe the AcceleDent® device. Contact our practice today to speak with Dr. Meola and find out if you are a candidate for this exciting treatment option.

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