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In Boston, Massachusetts, no one does cosmetic dentistry better than the talented staff with Dental Associates of New England. Our patient list includes models, beauty queens, and professional athletes. Our own Dr. John Meola is the official dentist for the Miss USA, Miss Massachusetts USA, Miss Teen Massachusetts, and Miss America Massachusetts beauty pageants, and for the Boston Celtics!

Hannah - Porcelain Veneers Patient

Hannah was referred to Dental Associates of New England by a friend because her previous dental bonding treatment had worn off, and she was unable to make an appointment at her regular dentist. She appreciates the staff's friendly attitude and the family-like atmosphere.

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"That gorgeous smile is back! How great that is!"
Re: Demi C Trezona

Dear Dr Meola

Few things are more terrifying for a parent than a call at 3AM from across the country reporting your beautiful daughter is in the trauma room of the local ER with a concussion, mandibular, maxillary and dental fractures and other trauma. She sent me a picture of herself in the ER with the thumbs up sign so I suspected she would be Ok, but those teeth! Those teeth! Her gorgeous smile gone, and the fortune I spent on orthodontia severely disrupted and quite possibly forever ruined. A beautiful professional ballerina, and my daughter, with a busted up mouth? No. No. That’s not going to work. Exactly why is that beautiful smile so important? Brilliant smiles radiate joy, excitement, confidence, health and vitality. Our smile plays sLich an important role in the happiness of our everyday life, and beautiful teeth convey an appearance of intelligence, health, and success. My father was a dentist and one of the biggest players in dentistry back in the 60’s. He taught me that for every dollar spent on orthodontia you save 8-10 dollars on emergency and restorative care over your lifetime, so I knew the importance of fixing this. I’ve taken care of a lot of facial trauma in my day. After Demi’s injury I knew she would require oral surgery, endodontics, periodontics, orthodontics, and cosmetic! restorative care. I spent 2 days researching dental care in Boston. I called physician buddies who

were Harvard grads who knew people in Boston. I eventually came to your practice and spent time researching you and your partners. Nothing but A grades on review. Having all these specialties under one roof is huge in this setting. Your office is amazing. Your staff was immediately accommodating,

caring, and comforting to Demi. She felt taken under your wing and cared for like she was your own daughter. I am immensely appreciative for that, Dr Meola. Her smile is amazing again and those teeth! Those teeth! They are beautiful! Really nice work. The shape, color and transparency match are

perfect, and the periodontal work looks amazing. I can’t see the endodontist’s work but I’m sure it’s beautiful as well.


That gorgeous smile is back! How great that is! Please give my sincere thanks to your staff and partners who were involved in her care. And to you Dr Meola, my most heartfelt thanks for orchestrating all of this, your terrific restorative work, and most importantly for caring and insisting or a perfect outcome. Hope you all have a great year in 2024.

-Thomas P Trezona MD FACS

Dr. Meola and cosmetic dentistry patient Paul Pierce in Boston
Paul Pierce and Dr. John Meola at Dental Associates of New England
Cosmetic dentistry patient Tony Battie in Massachusetts
Dr. Glick and Boston, Massachusetts cosmetic dentistry patient Tony Battie
Tony Battie with our Dental Associates of New England doctors
Dr. Geoffrey Glick, Boston, Massachusetts cosmetic dentistry patient Derrick Battie, and Dr. John Meola
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